Woman looking at her dental bonding in the mirror

Recharge Your Smile with Dental Bonding [Infographic]

  How do you feel when you look at your smile in the mirror? Do you love it? Or do you notice flaws, such as chips, excessive wear, or gaps? You may be surprised to learn minor cosmetic flaws in your smile can be corrected without expensive, painful, or invasive treatments! Dental bonding is a conservative, efficient, […]

Back To School Students

Back-To-School Tips With Shoreline Dental

It’s that time of year again parents. Whether your children are young or old, you may still be helping remind them to get their behinds on into the dentist. Here at Shoreline Dental, we have all the time for you and your kids to get that nice, bright, healthy smile in time for the school year. Give us […]

You can maintain healthy teeth while traveling with these essential tips.

8 Tips to Maintain Healthy Teeth While Traveling

  What are your travel plans this summer? Whether you’re planning a long weekend at the beach, a rustic camping adventure, or an international getaway, no doubt you’re excited about your upcoming escape. The house-sitter is booked, your bags are packed…but do you have everything you need to maintain healthy teeth while traveling? It can be […]

woman experiencing dental emergency

Top 10 Dental Emergencies and What To Do About Them

  One of your worst fears is realized: You fell face first onto the concrete, and you felt that front tooth break. Panic mode ensues. What the heck are you going to do now? Don’t panic, we’ve got some answers for you. There are all types of dental emergencies and most of the time, the answer […]

A calendar with sticky notes

Has it Been a While? Don’t Forget About Your Smile!

As we speed through summer (how is it already August?!), the demands of work and family life grab us from every angle.  Deadlines at work and demands at home–the ongoing list of responsibilities and activities continue to limit number of hours in the day. Don’t Forget Yourself! In life’s rush it’s easy to take care of others […]