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Your Diet and Oral Health

With Seattle being one of the top 10 (ranked at #5 according to the Huffington Post) fittest cities in the nation, as a neighboring city we would like to claim the prize as well. Being a part of the beautiful Pacific Northwest naturally makes us outdoorsy folk and with being active, we’re also looking at […]

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A Gift That’s Worth Smiling

This holiday season, give the gift that others will love. If you’re around the area, you may or may not have heard that Shoreline Dental is offering a new patient cleaning special for $149. Rather than getting our name out there, we want to provide our services to you! You could sponsor yourself, a friend, […]

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A Tribute To Charlie Brown

The holidays hit our office early this year – Christmas decorations went up right after Thankgiving and Dr. Co was very sneaky about our annual holiday staff event since October. On the first day of December, after work, our staff took an excursion into downtown Kirkland where we started with dinner at Lynn’s Bistro followed by […]