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Annual Dental Insurance Enrollment

open enrollment flyer

The months of October and November are typically when you would start to notice annual or open insurance enrollment periods occurring in order to change your health insurance plan. This is the appropriate time for you to change your coverage (dental included) for the upcoming year.

Benefits of Insurance Enrollment

In order to make changes to your dental coverage, you must first switch health plans to a plan that includes dental (in which the premium would cover both medical and dental) or you can get a stand-alone dental care plan (in which would require a separate, individual premium). Typically the type of coverage you are seeking depends on the premium you would be paying, for example:

  • More coverage = greater premium with lower copays and deductibles.
    In this situation, the individual would pay more monthly but less at the time of service.
  • Less coverage = lower premium with higher copays and deductibles.
    In this situation, the individual would pay less monthly but more at the time of service.

Dental coverage is essential for children but not considered essential for adults. This means that any plan, whether included in healthcare or a stand-alone, should cover dental for dependents under the age of 18. For those individuals over the age of 18, one must seek a new plan during this annual enrollment period as explained above.

If you’re looking to switch or change your dental coverage for the upcoming year, open insurance enrollment is the time to do it! Give our office a call at 206.440.0065 if you have questions about the process.


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