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Babies need to brush too?

The Baby Banana brush is a wonderful product that our very own Hygienist Becca shared with us! During a lunch break, Becca shared an adorable video of her daughter Dakota brushing her teeth with a rubber banana! We all thought it was so cute, and sort of random, but then Becca shared with us how beneficial these little bananas actually are for infants and toddlers. She said that there has been recent research on the effectiveness of brushing an infant’s gums and how that it not only prepares them for brushing later when they get their teeth, but also for preventing bacteria growth as well as helping with teething pains and irritations.

We posted the video of Dakota on social media and tagged Baby Banana and they instantly reached out to us to ask permission to post the video of Dakota! (This will be fun to share with Dakota when she is older!). Dr. Co and the Team loved the idea and effectiveness of this amazing product.   We reached out to Baby Banana to ask if they could share a promotion with us to give to our patients. We always love to share awesome dental products with our patients, so we thought this would be a great product to share. Baby Banana gave us our own code: Shoreline40 to share with you, to receive 40% off all of their products until May 31st, 2019!

We love supporting businesses that encourage healthy smiles, because one of our goals as a dental office is to provide everyone with a smile that they are proud to show! Make sure to check out Baby Banana products and share this product with families you know that could make great use of this product! The brushes are completely non-toxic, and free from BPA, latex and other toxins. They are also dishwasher safe and can be placed in the freezer for cool soothing relief from teething. The recommended ages for the brushes are 3-12months old, and there are toddler sizes that are recommended for ages 12-24months! You can find the tooth brushes online (and use our promo code: shoreline40 for 40% off), Target, and BuyBuy Baby. If you get a baby banana brush for your little one, or a family friend, make sure to share a photo or video on social media and be sure to tag @babybananabrush and @shorelinedentaldds.

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