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The Best Baby Toothbrush for Teething Infants

What's the best baby toothbrush? Get the answer from a dental hygienist and mother!
What's the best baby toothbrush? Get the answer from a dental hygienist and mother!

We can learn a lot from moms.

At Shoreline Dental, we recently learned something new from our Hygienist, Becca, and that is:

Your baby can practice brushing even before their teeth come in. How?

Her infant daughter, Dakota, is learning “how to brush her teeth” with a banana. No, not the kind you eat. Dakota is using the best baby toothbrush out there:

The Opens new tab to Baby BananaBaby Banana toothbrush!

Becca shared that this baby toothbrush is super beneficial for infants and toddlers. There has been research on the effectiveness of brushing an infant’s gums and how that it not only prepares them for brushing later when they get their teeth, but also for preventing bacteria growth.

It’s dual purpose as a silicone teether can help with teething pains and irritations too.

Sounds like a mother’s and dentist’s dream, right?

Well, it gets even better…

We love Baby Banana

Our Shoreline dentist, Dr. Princeton Co, loves supporting businesses that encourage healthy smiles. Especially when they help create positive associations with dental care from an early age.

Baby Banana toothbrush can do just that, and parents will love it because:

The best baby toothbrush

Looking for a baby shower gift? First birthday gift? Get them a Baby Banana toothbrush!

Every parent and baby can benefit from this baby toothbrush and the positive habits it creates.

After posting the video of Dakota on our social media, Baby Banana instantly reached out to ask if they could also share it. They love sharing real photos of happy, healthy babies using their products.

So if your child or someone you know uses a Baby Banana toothbrush, post a photo or video on social media, and tag us – Opens new tab to Baby Banana Instagram@babybananabrush and Opens new tab to our Instagram@shorelinedentaldds.

P.S. How cute is Dakota?

Here’s the video of Becca’s adorable daughter using the Baby Banana toothbrush.

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