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Back-To-School Tips With Shoreline Dental

Back To School Students

It’s that time of year again parents. Whether your children are young or old, you may still be helping remind them to get their behinds on into the dentist. Here at Shoreline Dental, we have all the time for you and your kids to get that nice, bright, healthy smile in time for the school year. Give us a call at 206.440.0065 to schedule an appointment today!

Once you mark making a cleaning appointment off your back-to-school checklist, continue to confide in us for Shoreline Dental’s declassified, back-to-school survival guide!

Back To School


Sleep is imperative in your child’s education. Research shows that children aged 6-13 should get between 9-11 hours of sleep while teenagers 14-18 should get 8-10. For all those kids going off to or back to college, it’s a bit harder to regulate their sleep now isn’t it, mom and dad? Well we’re sending them off for a reason and we trust they are getting their 7-9 hours of sleep! Getting ample amount of rest will help keep your child focused in school to optimize their learning.

Did you also know sleep patterns are also associated with your teeth? Inadequate sleep or built up stress may cause your child to clench or grind their teeth at night which can lead to more concerning dental neurological issues. Long term, chronic habits of it may make your child a candidate for a day/night guard to prevent the unnecessary contact, damage, and stress. So folks, remind your children to always get a well night’s rest!


If you’re packing your child’s lunch be sure you make sure it’s as nutritious as can be! If you’re worried about teeth well we have some tips for you! There are loads of teeth-friendly snacks as well.

DO pack cheese sticks which have calcium which help neutralize other acids in our food and don’t forget about celery which helps clean between teeth (so throw in some peanut butter as well).

DON’T back sugary drinks or candies for all that sugar will eat away at your children’s enamel causing cavities. Your kids won’t mourn over what they don’t know they’re missing!

And to all you college kids, we know what college diet is like we’ve all been there. But you too are in charge of your own health so be sure to follow all the same tips to prevent any dental emergencies (especially if you’re out of town). The last thing you want to worry about is having a toothache while studying for an exam.

Remember if you’re looking to get your child in for a cleaning, we have openings! Don’t be shy, have your child going back to school with the best smile award!

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