What's the best baby toothbrush? Get the answer from a dental hygienist and mother!

The Best Baby Toothbrush for Teething Infants

We can learn a lot from moms. At Shoreline Dental, we recently learned something new from our Hygienist, Becca, and that is: Your baby can practice brushing even before their teeth come in. How? Her infant daughter, Dakota, is learning “how to brush her teeth” with a banana. No, not the kind you eat. Dakota […]

Young boy with a toothbrush getting ready to go back to school

Back-to-School Dental Guide for Parents

August is a crazy month for you parents. Back-to-school has malls and grocery stores in havoc with sales to get your children equipped for the first day, picture day, and well… the rest of the year. Amid all the commotion, one thing we may overlook is your children’s teeth. We’ve constructed a back-to-school dental hack […]

A graphic with dairy products that are beneficial for teeth

Dairy and Your Dental Health

It’s National Ice Cream Month and who doesn’t love a good ol’ scoop (or two) of the good stuff. Ice cream is one of our favorite dairy products and while it may be packed with tons of sugar, dairy products nonetheless serve to be quite beneficial for our teeth. How dairy benefits your teeth Dairy […]

Tooth with sunglasses for summer dental

Summer Dental Tips From Shoreline Dental

It’s the first day of summer in Shoreline! Even with the overcasts and mild weather, our summer spirits are kicked into gear now that school’s out and the daylight hours have extended. Here are some tips from our staff at Shoreline Dental to make sure your smile is summertime fine! Brush 2x daily, 2 minutes […]

Summer giveaway

Summer Giveaway

What’s better than eating outside on a patio or enjoying a nice baseball game in the sun? When you can do one, or the other, for FREE! Enjoy a nice dinner or M’s game for two on us. The rules are simple. From the image above, there are only TWO things you must do in order […]

a bunch of bright candy

Candy and Cavities

June is National Candy Month and you know what that means… Twix, Starburst, Sour Patch Kids galore! Well before you reach into your candy drawer (we know you have one) and grab something, take a moment to think about what that fun (or full) size candy bar has on your teeth. Where do cavities come from? […]

Woman outside smiling

National Women’s Health Week

Women are such hard workers that sometimes they forget to care for ourselves. Well stop right there. We’re here to celebrate National Women’s Health Week to empower all women to make conscious health decisions a priority! It’s time to think of yourself first and make sure you are constantly striving to better yourself and your health everyday. […]