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Are You About To Use Or Lose Your Dental Benefits?

Dental insurance

We’re now in the tail end of summer but it already feels like autumn here in Shoreline! With that said, winter is soon approaching. You know what what means — most dental benefits are soon approaching their expiration date. Have you utilized your dental benefits to the best of your ability?


Did you know dental insurance companies bank on policyholders that are not maximizing the benefits they paid premium to secure? Benefits don’t rollover so you are ultimately losing money as you put off going to dentist. With prolonged oral hygiene neglect foreshadows more future restorative work which won’t make your wallet happy! Instead, be sure to be seen regularly for a dental checkup at Shoreline Dental that way we are always up to date on all the things that are happening in your mouth.

Give us a call at 206.440.0065 if you have not been seen for a cleaning this year or are due for your next! We’d love to get you in.

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