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Don’t Let Stress Wear Your Teeth

It’s inevitable, the more things we load onto our plates, the more stressed we become. As we get older and busier, we forget to take time for ourselves to keep our stress levels at bay. While stress may cause mood changes per individual, did you know it can also lead to physical ailments and oral […]


Whether you’re at the doctors or dentist, you may be instructed to say “ahh” on World Oral Health Day 2018. Sure, they’re checking your tonsils and the back of your mouth, but did you know they’re assessing your overall health by just looking inside your mouth? It’s true! Your oral health is linked to your […]

2017: A Year In Review

Collage of the Shoreline Dental team's 2017 highlights

2017 was a year of celebration for Shoreline Dental! Here are some milestones our dental family in Shoreline achieved this past year: Our hygienist, Becca, got married in March Our assistant, Sandy, said “I do” in July. Our staff members Sandy and Sophia both got accepted to and began dental hygiene school. We welcome new […]

New Year Resolutions for your Smile in 2018

A man takes a photo of two women celebrating new years

New Year, who this? The new year is the perfect time and opportunity to throw away all the old baggage and welcome in the new. Whether you’ve had a crummy year or a great one, it’s time to start afresh and embark new adventures and create new memories. You have an astounding year ahead! Here […]

Shoreline Dental’s Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift ideas

We’re sure you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving festivities but the warmth and cheer isn’t over yet. Now with another holiday in the books for 2017, it’s time to jingle and jammer with merry spirits so bright, you won’t want to read any other holiday gift guide! Shoreline Dental’s Holiday Gift Guide When it comes to […]

Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

Are x-rays safe?

Many wonder: “Are dental x-rays safe?” Here are the facts you need to help you decide what is best for you and your family’s dental care.