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Shoreline Dental’s Holiday Gift Guide

holiday gift ideas

We’re sure you all enjoyed your Thanksgiving festivities but the warmth and cheer isn’t over yet. Now with another holiday in the books for 2017, it’s time to jingle and jammer with merry spirits so bright, you won’t want to read any other holiday gift guide!

Shoreline Dental’s Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to gift giving we have a few ideas up our sleeve. Here are our top picks this season.

Holiday gift ideas

Tickets to a concert, show, or performance

Who doesn’t enjoy attending a live show? The holidays are filled with many performances for all ages but it doesn’t have to be just another holiday extravaganza. There are many concerts and shows going around in the Seattle area. Surprise your loved one with a gift and an experience of live music and cheer.

Sonicare Toothbrush

These toothbrushes are a HOT commodity! While toothbrushes are easily accessible, often times people don’t want to splurge to buy a power toothbrush for themselves. Not only is it a great investment in someone’s oral health, but it’s an awesome gadget to have in your bathroom repertoire! Did you know more high-end versions of power brushes are Bluetooth equipped and can sync with apps on your phone to aid in your brushing routine? Who wouldn’t want one!

Teeth Whitening

Fashion and beauty gurus are raving over at-home teeth whitening all over social media. Why not gift someone with a whitening product that you trust AND that also has our seal of approval? In our Shoreline, WA dental office, we offer BOOST whitening to get maximum whitest results in the shortest amount of time! We also offer take-home kits as well that will glisten your smile right in time for the holidays. Call us at 206.440.0065 for details on how can get your hands on a take-home kit or gift certificate to in-office whitening.

Don’t let last-minute Christmas shopping be stressful. We’re here to alleviate all your worries. Make your loved ones smile a beautiful smile this holiday season with our help! Let us know in the comments below what your awesome gift ideas are!

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