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Should I Be Whitening My Teeth?

Two girls, one whispering into the others ear. Girl with white teeth.

Do you ever see a movie star’s whiter, brighter smile, and think “I wish I could have a smile like that”? Could it mean a boost in your self-esteem and social ratings? A survey conducted by NCBI claims it may!

“Tooth colour exerts an influence on social perceptions. The results may be explained by negative beliefs about dental decay, such as its link with poor oral hygiene.” (NCBI)

Before you rush out to whiten your teeth, however, you should consider these important tips about teeth whitening.

Two girls, one whispering into the others ear. Girl with white teeth.

Is Whitening Right for My Teeth?

Some people may actually want to pump the brakes on teeth whitening if your gums and teeth aren’t in a healthy state right now. Why?

The Whitening Checklist

Before you dive into teeth whitening it never hurts to have a dental checkup that specifically takes into consideration receding gums, dental sensitivity, enamel thickness, tooth decay, and any existing restorations (like crowns, fillings, veneers) to determine how a whitening product might affect them.

When it comes to making an assessment on the condition of your dental discoloration and determining how the stains are effecting your teeth as well as if they are on the tooth’s surface or deep within the tooth itself, it should be left to a Dentist. Knowing this may alter which whitening products and procedures are recommended to best help you achieve the sparkling smile you’re aiming for.

Here are more reasons to seriously consider having your teeth whitened by a dental professional.

At-the-Dentist Whitening vs. At-Home Kits

When you compare at-home whitening systems to ones at the dentist, you will discover quite difference. At-home whitening systems contain merely 3% to 20% peroxide (carbamide or hydrogen peroxides). Comparing that to in-office systems, which are comprised of 15% to 43% peroxide, in-office systems yield a much more powerful solution to help achieve a glamorous white smile.

Additionally, your dentist obviously is better equipped with products that can get teeth whiter and brighter much faster! A dental office can also offer the benefits of advanced technology and tools designed to intensify the whitening process with heat, light, or the combination of both. Ensuring quality, safety, as well as a smile worth investing in!

Pretty girl smiling as she enjoys her new sparkly white teeth!

Safety First!

Everybody craves a dazzling smile that gives them confidence and makes them feel good, right? Our dental team shares this goal and wants to help you reach it.

Although at-home treatments may turn out just fine, there are many reasons to seek the help of our dental professionals. Whitening products used too frequently, used on teeth or gums with existing issues, or applied for too long, could completely backfire on your quest for a better and whiter smile.

So call our fantastic dental team today for a safe and affordable teeth whitening experience that offers you the movie-star smile you’re looking for!

Care to Share? What is your biggest question regarding teeth whitening procedures? Comment Below!

7 Responses to "Should I Be Whitening My Teeth?"
  1. Avatar for Shoreline Dental Annika Larson says:

    I have been thinking about having my teeth whitened for some time now. If I do have this done, I want to ensure that it will be done safely and that there will be no adverse effects. Like you said, at home whitening can cause sensitivity or other issues with your teeth and gums, so I will have to take your suggestion and talk to a dentist to see if whitening is right for me.

  2. That’s interesting that in-office systems will have 15-43% peroxide. My teeth are less white then I would like even though I brush my teeth a lot. I’ll have to find someone who’ll be able to whiten my teeth for me.

  3. You pointed out that in-office teeth whitening is a lot better than the ones done DIY because of the idea that the solution used is more powerful and so the results are much more obvious. If that is the case, then I will start looking for a dentist and get my teeth whitened in their office. Aside from the idea that the at-home teeth whitening procedure is not as powerful, the idea of doing it myself rattled me as I am afraid that I might make a mistake. Anyway, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the interesting read about teeth whitening. I didn’t know that a dentist could be more equipped to get teeth whiter. I’m interested to learn what this equipment is like and if a dentist should be trained to use them.

  5. Avatar for Shoreline Dental Jane says:

    The whitening checklist hits a point with me. I did not access what effects the tooth whitening would have on everything else going on in my mouth. I am talking about fillings. I found out that my fillings required replacing after the whitening due to there colour not matching my teeth and therefore stood out. Please bear this in mind if getting the treatment.

  6. Avatar for Shoreline Dental john says:

    i tried many thing to white my teeth from yellow but i failed i hope it will work

  7. Thanks for the great article on teeth whitening. I really want to whiten mine and liked that you give advice on visiting the dentist because they have better equipment and can get your teeth whiter much faster and safer than you can at home. I will have to schedule an appointment soon.

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